Whatever I Wait For

No path to tread the night.
Or any guiding light to show direction.
Affections utterly confused.
Desires may be wrong.
But somehow they don’t long for satisfaction.
Reflections not easily deduced.

No salt to spice the soup.
A never-ending loop of intersections.
Dejections as usually produced.
No butter for the bread.
It feels like being led to no selection.
Distractions twenty times reused.

Whatever I wait for.
The spirit of a shining kind of day.
It won’t come anyway.
Wherever I turn to.
These clouds before my eyes won’t go away.

Blank white walls assemble stains.
Contours dissolve and slowly fade.
Time with much more time to face.
Space so vast and yet still to embrace.

Not even words to say.
No reason now to pray for resurrection.
Corrections don’t need to be induced.
No challenge to my mind.
Except to smile. And I make no objection.
Infected. And slightly now amused.

Text & Musik:
David Zintl